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    Worldwide there are a variety of Scholarship or Job opportunities in different countries for Foreign student.

    My request is whoever has a link, connections of how he/she got or one can get worldwide, postively please give some ways, or inbox on My email.  Thanks :maig19932015@gmail.com

  2. maiga ayub

    Preparing for NCLEX RN

    can NCLEX be done online in a different continent?
  3. i have ever be to oncology institute for my 2month clinical placement, but all i did, was not to be sympathetic but empathetic, and i responded and attended to who ever patient or attendant who called for me, this comforted the patients and attendants. thanks.
  4. maiga ayub

    How I passed and what worked for me

    i would like to know about NCLEX exams and the kaplan , UWould, its my first time to hear such. thanks.
  5. maiga ayub

    Life outside of school

    Thank you so much. your the first college of mine to congratulate me upon finishing, God bless u
  6. maiga ayub

    Life outside of school

    hello friends, hope u are all doing healthy and fine, sorry for the loss. I have just finished my degree in nursing last year Nov, and its through the struggle to belong someway that i found out this platform, i have been on internet all day, its so great and comforting that i have found a belonging here. I am planing to travel to turkey for scholarship for a masters in any field of nursing, but if u have any links for foreign student scholarships please send them to me through my email. maig19932015@gmail.com thanks .God bless u all