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  1. m.doc

    Adelphi ABSN 2019

    I personally applied in August but it didn’t really matter because they didn’t start to really review applications until closer to the deadline which was in late December/ early January. I was notified in January as well. I would still suggest to apply early because that may mean you’re one of the first applications to be reviewed, but I don’t know for sure.
  2. m.doc

    Adelphi ABSN 2019

    I honestly don’t know what stood out to them exactly but I applied very early in August or September I believe. At the time of application was submitted my gpa was around a 3.3 and I graduated this December with a 3.4. I also have about 3 years of hospital experience as a patient care associate in a hospital near my university.
  3. m.doc


    I saw a couple posts similar to that as well. I also saw one that says that they only accept around 20 students which is what made me a bit nervous. I've been accepted to another program, but this one is super close to home and will make life easier since I'll be coming back from finishing undergrad. My interview is Feb. 6th I believe.
  4. m.doc

    Adelphi ABSN 2019

    I applied to Adelphi's accelerated nursing program for 2019, and have recently been called in for an interview. I was looking to hopefully connect with any other applicants or past applicants that may have any more information about the program.
  5. m.doc


    Hey, thank you for posting this, its been pretty hard finding out any information about the program. I too applied to Adelphi's program for 2019 and I've recently been called to schedule an interview. From the conversation it sounds as though it is an individual interview to answer one of your questions. Best of luck to you!