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  1. Hey. Have you heard anything from Grossmont? 

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    2. futurernmelne


      Yeah, it's kind of frustrating. I have about 84-85 points and didn't get an offer. So it makes me wonder if there really is any rhyme or reason to getting accepted lol 😕 

    3. Vals_scrublife


      So i emailed grossmont and they responded:

      It is a process to fill a class since invites have a certain amount of time to respond by accepting or declining.  We continue this process until the class is filled.  Once filled, the rest of the notifications will go out.  If people drop between the time they accept and a date closer to the start of the program, we continue to keep the class filled by inviting the next applicant on the list.

      i guess we have to keep waiting. 😞

    4. futurernmelne


      Ahh okay 😪 thanks for emailing them! More waiting for us haha