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  1. Vidia_08

    Time Limit on NCLEX-Tx BON

    Hello! I'm also a graduate from Philippines. Yes you can apply to other states. I had also almost the same issue in California. In Cali my application was denied because they're requiring for the theory & clinical to be completed concurrently. The options they offered me was to study again or I can just take the LPN exam. I just applied in New york. In New York you'll only need to apply once. If you didn't get lucky after taking your exam, you just have to wait for 45 days and pay for the exam. As far as I know the application has no expiration. So you just have to pay at Pearson Vue and wait for your ATT. Then maybe you can try license by endorsement once you passed. I think Texas is part of the Nursing License Compact. It would be easier for you to apply on other states under NLC too.
  2. Vidia_08

    I heard they were making the NCLEX harder in January 2019

    Hello! The current Test Plan is effective until March. So April they'll probably be applying the case study form of exam.
  3. Vidia_08

    Failed Nclex

    Hello! I understand and know how you feel. I've failed before too. But don't lose hope. You're almost there. I took Kaplan live class and based on our instructor's explanation when the computer keeps on giving you questions it means you were doing fine but the computer can't make any decisions yet. Since questions are Computer Adaptive Test type, the next question you'll get will be based on your answer to the current question. You have to get a string of correct answers before the computer decides that you pass. It was giving you more questions because it can't identify yet your level of competency. You're so close. Answering 265 question is so stressful. I got 265 questions too when I passed but I made myself prepared for it. Every other day I'm answering 265 questions. And I'm doing it like a real exam set up. For example Monday I answered 265 questions. Next day I reviewed those questions. And look for those topics I didn't understand or know to other resources like Saunders & Hurst. I stopped thinking about the possibility that it can stop from 75. It helped me and didn't feel pressure when I reached question 75. First thing you can do is relax. And start reviewing when you feel you're ready for it. Then evaluate yourself if which area you're lacking. Is it knowledge or is it strategy? Then focus more on that. Kaplan helped me a lot on strategies. Specially on topics I don't know much about. Hurst helped me knowledge wise. Helped me understand well the important information you need to know. Saunders is good too, but it gives you so much information, and some of them are not really important. But it's a good source if you just want to look and understand a certain topic. UWorld is fine too, but I didn't use it much. It has better explanation though about each choices. At the end of the day, it's still depends on what type of learner you are. Kaplan and Hurst were the ones that worked best for me. I hope this helps. Just keep on trying. God will give it to you at the right time. Good luck!
  4. Hello! Thank you for your response! I used Kaplan and based on their explanation about CAT, if you answered 265 questions the level of the last question you got matters. Cause it’s the one which will determine if you passed or failed. If it’s above the level of competency, you passed, whether you answered it wrong or right. Which makes sense in my opinion. Cause the next question you’re getting are based on whether you answered the last question right or wrong. That’s why I’m just curious.
  5. Hello! Yesterday I took my nclex. I already set my mind that I will be answering 265 questions, that way I won’t lose confidence, will stay calm, won’t panic and won’t feel devastated if it won’t shut down at 75. And yes, I did get 265 questions, took it for 5 hours 40 mins. It was very exhausting. I took 2 breaks, drink water and eat chocolates. I got SATA but some were those easy type ones like which from list are under airborne precaution. And I don’t think questions like that are under high level question. I also got few computations, who do you see first, priority questions. I think I got all type of questions. I’m just curious if “exhibit type” & “require follow up” type questions are under high level questions. I got both but a lot of “which statement requires follow up”. My last question actually is about follow up too. I used Hurst for content then Kaplan for practicing questions. Based on my understanding from Kaplan’s CAT explanation, if your last question is a high level question, whether you answer it right or wrong, you pass. Anyone of you got a lot of require follow up questions too? Thanks! - Vidia