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  1. GabyC

    Regis University ABSN May 2020 start

    Hello! I have also applied to Regis and am anxiously waiting for the email. Regis is my top choice so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some good news. I have applied to a few different programs around the country and so far I have received an acceptance from Duquesne in Pittsburg, but we shall see where I end up. I’m from Seattle and the weather alone is a huge reason for wanting to move to Denver. Is anyone else applying from out of state? - Gaby
  2. GabyC

    Seattle University Transfer 2019

    My application is similar with being under review and my date received is 2/7/2019. Odd. I’m going to try calling tomorrow. I wonder if they are delayed with reviewing applications due to the snow days the school has had.
  3. GabyC

    Seattle University Transfer 2019

    I filled out the undergrad transfer app but specifically the postbac BSN app because this will be my second undergrad degree. My app status changed yesterday from “Pending Faculty Review” to “Under Review” so I’m hoping there are more interview invites sent this upcoming week.
  4. GabyC

    Umass amherst absn 2019

    Hey Everyone! I also applied to this program and cannot wait until we hear back from the school in a month and a half. I live in Seattle and have roughly 3.5 years of work experience as a CNA in an oncology clinic and the university hospital emergency department. My undergrad degree is in Gender and Diversity studies with a focus in healthcare accessibility and I look forward to working in emergency medicine and later community health.
  5. GabyC

    Seattle University Transfer 2019

    For those who did receive invites for an interview, which BSN application did you fill out?