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  1. fridayonfriday

    OHSU Summer 2019

    Ha! I'm in the same boat. From what I can remember, she said we will be getting an email sometime next week with more information. I remember also that we have to go back to the SoN to drop the deposit off and some paperwork. I'm thinking about calling or emailing Tuesday (cause monday is a holiday) to get some clarification.
  2. fridayonfriday

    OHSU Summer 2019

    I did too!! I'm in shock!!
  3. fridayonfriday

    OHSU Summer 2019

    I'd be pretty shocked if no one on here got in--what are the chances? I guess they could always be making phone calls later in the evening, but that feels pretty unlikely
  4. fridayonfriday

    OHSU Summer 2019

    I just got my interview invite via email. Good luck to everyone!

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