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  1. BeautyRN2017

    Choosing an Operating Room Specialty

    I will soon (February) be starting orientation/AORN periop 101 in an OR also at a large teaching hospital! I am very excited and know that the program structure is very similar, as far as having several specialty areas for training. I know that I will also need to choose areas of interest to focus after general training. Curious to hear some of the feedback from those with experience in the different OR teams/rooms! At this point I have no particular preference, but hope to have a better idea going into training!
  2. BeautyRN2017

    Potential Job Offer?!

    I got the job!! It is an OR position at a teaching hospital-EXCITED🥳
  3. Other than stalking the AN website, got a new job offer!!
  4. BeautyRN2017

    Potential Job Offer?!

    *Sigh* Maybe I am looking to much in to it lol. I guess I was just trying to compare the response I received last year to the reply this time. I did forget to mention that I interviewed and have had email correspondence with the same RN director that I did last year. I looked at the varience in response from the same individual as hopefully a possibility for a different end result!
  5. BeautyRN2017

    Potential Job Offer?!

    Hi All! Long story kinda short, I applied for a RN position that I have applied and interviewed for in the past (a year ago). Although I did not receive an offer the first time around, I feel a lot better about the process as far as interview and feedback this time. My anxiety just won't let me be great! I had an interview and was told it could be up to 3 weeks before they made any type of decision. Of course I couldn't help myself and a day after the 3 wk period I sent a follow up email similar to one I had sent a yr ago. The email just stated that I was inquiring if any decisions had been made and reiterating my interest in the position. A year ago I received a response a couple wks later thanking me for time and interest and explaining how other candidates were chosen and encouraging me to apply for other RN positions within this particular health system. THIS time the response came days later (yesterday) apologizing for the delay in response and "the team has reviewed the applicant pool and you should be hearing something from human resources really soon!"--Could this mean I will possibly receive an offer?! How long should I wait to hear something or follow up again?? Thank you for any help! Happy Holidays

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