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  1. SneakyPow

    Method 3 For Brightwood Students

    Thanks for the response. Do you have any idea how long is the wait for processing after submitting all the requirements? someone said 16 weeks, their website said 26 weeks and one of their representative said could be up to 11 months?
  2. SneakyPow

    Method 3 For Brightwood Students

    Hi all. Recently brightwood college and all other colleges under ECA are shut down abruptly. I was on my last term 2 months away from finishing the lvn program. Now Bvnpt are offering us to submit an application to challenge the board via method 3 equivalency. And also also been a cna (med-surg) for more than 4 years, so getting approved is very likely. Is anyone here took the method 3 route? if so, How long is the process before you get approved? is there any RN school that will accept the method 3 status to their program? is there any restriction for LVN scope of pratice for this type of license? or do you guys have any advice or better solution for my current situation? Thank you. Happy holiday to you all.