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  1. Lcram1993

    TJ Fact 1-year vs. Drexel ACE

    I just got accepted to both the TJ FACT-1 year program and the Drexel ACE program and am looking for graduates of the programs to reach out with their experiences. I know both programs are respected and have high passing rates. TJ seems to have more hospital affiliations and I liked that they required more personal information during the application process (personal recs, essays, in person interview) . I am thankful for any insight to making a decision. Also I plan to get my MSN at some point, TJ seems to encourage this with their auto-matriculation with 3.2 GPA.
  2. Lcram1993

    Drexel Ace Nursing program spring 2019

    I was just accepted for fall 2019 and have lots of questions. I saw something about an early-assurance program at some point on Drexel's website. However I think it since has been deleted. Do you know if it still is a thing?

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