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    Some advice on "Orientation"

    If not normal, similar to my experiences. When I became an RN I started on a tele/CV step-down/neuro (stroke) unit. My orientation was with one preceptor (and she was amazing, always gave me good feedback on what I did good and what I needed to improve on). I was frequently tossed between unit orientation and classes so my actual amount of weeks on the unit was limited. Then I went to nights and had a preceptor who quit, then was tossed to all different ones. Fast forward to now, I’m in my last week of orientation in ICU at a different hospital. 6 weeks of orientation total (the first week all classes) then 2 weeks of day shift where I had 4 different preceptors, and then nights. My night preceptor is a seasoned nurse but is not good at teaching/explaining what is in her head. All the other preceptors were taken. As mentioned above, it’s about surviving orientation.