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  1. I've been an RN for one year. I've been working on a cardiac tele floor for ten months. I've been depressed and anxious about work ever since starting, and it hasn't improved. I deal with mean spirited patients and their over bearing families. I bend over backwards for my patients and I feel like they spit in my face each time. I cry almost every day. Therefore, I've decided to apply at a private nursing home. I'm starting to think the hospital isn't meant for me. Does this make me less of an RN? Will I still earn enough to live? I'm so stressed and depressed, it's unbelievable! I thought all of these miserable feelings would go away once I obtained my nursing degree.
  2. jessymae1989

    Extreme nurse burn out need help please

    Your situation is eerily similar to mine. I, too, am working on a cardiac tele floor with a ratio of 4:1. I'm sick with depression and anxiety, and loathe going to work every single day. The other RNs make it look so easy, and CNAs do nothing to help. I'm drowning in sadness. I don't have a solution for you or myself...but just know you aren't alone and we will find a way out of this. Enjoy your new job next year and keep your head up.