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  1. RN Pay Scale Augusta, GA?

    Hey! Just doing similar research in preparation for moving to Augusta next month. My background is 2 yrs neuro trauma but I’m open to trying other things. Would you mind sharing which hospitals you would/would not recommend? (Based on compe...
  2. GA License Endorsement Nightmares

    Just curious how things turned out? Did you end up moving to GA? If so, how do you like it so far? I’m moving there next month. I applied for endorsement from MD and it took about 1.5 months with 3-4 follow ups. Definitely not an easy or cheap proces...
  3. Flight Nursing in Air Force Reserves

    Hello- just curious if anyone can tell me about IMA positions vs TR? I’m currently enlist Air Force intel reserve IMA. On the civilian side I work as an RN on a Neurotrauma IMC step down. I would really like to find an IMA position as a critical care...
  4. Air Force nursing FY2021

    Following this thread. I graduate in December and plan to apply next year! Any advice would be great! I'm an AF reservist now but would like to go back AD. I am very interested in the number of applicants/selected this year.