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  1. chrismikayla

    Which Certification?

  2. chrismikayla

    Which Certification?

    Hello everyone! I am a social worker and just got hired recently to be a case manager at a hospital. This is my first time working in the hospital environment but I really enjoy it so far. I have been inspired to actually get some medical training in case I want to pursue additional work at the hospital assisting patients or even change career paths in the future. I was wanting to pursue a short term certification and am trying to decide between a PCT, CNA, phlebotomist, or pharmacy technician. If I eventually decide to become an LPN the hospital I work at will provide tuition reimbursement but I am thinking this certification might be the stopping point for me. I wanted some suggestions/insight in deciding as I am new to working in the hospital setting. I live in the state of Georgia and of course I want to make sure I find a school with the appropriate accreditation. Thanks!