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  1. ajcho

    Morgan County Community College

    I will!! I work at northshore health and rehab in Loveland! Their company name is “columbine heathcare”. They have different names of their facilities depends which city you are, but only one company. Apply! They are always hiring for LPNs!
  2. ajcho

    Morgan County Community College

    I'll just wait for the results. I've been bugging her too much. I really hope we'll get in!!
  3. ajcho

    Morgan County Community College

    I live in Loveland! It's an hour drive for me as well! I really hope we'll get in!! Did she say about how many people applying for the spots? 15 is not a lot! Im getting anxiety. lol
  4. ajcho

    Morgan County Community College

    Ohh okay. I applied as well! My GPA is good, and I have like 6 months LPN work experience already. However, I don’t live in the area, and didn’t graduate at MCC. So, my chances are very low.
  5. ajcho

    Morgan County Community College

    Hello, did you end up going to fort morgan for LPN-ADN program? Was it hard to get in? How was your GPA and all? If you could private message me that would be great! Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. ajcho

    Starting Nursing School Next Week!

    hey! I am relocating to northern colorado this january 2019. How long was the waiting list for the program for frcc? and if you dont mind, how much was your gpa in the pre reqs when you got in? I am really anxious in seeing my chances in getting into the programs. Hope to hear from you soon!!
  7. Hello Nurses! I am an LVN/LPN for only 5 months now and moving to colorado this January 2019 from California . I was just wondering if there are lots of LPN jobs out there? I am also looking for LPN to ADN bridge programs in community colleges, I have some pre reqs that I finished from my previous community college school. Can anyone tell me how long the wait is for the LPN to ADN Bridge program?! LOOKING FORWARD FOR RESPONSES!!

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