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advicenurse1 has 20 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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  1. New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    I did hospice for about 10 years and its a challenging job. I tried home health for just a short period of time but the pay method is less stable than hospice so I only did it for a few months so i'll comment on hospice pros and cons. Pros- No call l...
  2. Help a Stressed New Med-Surg Nurse

    I worked bedside nursing for 10 years. I left about 11 years ago due to burnout. During my break from bedside nursing, I did hospice and am currently doing telephone triage for the past 2 years. I just took a PRN position on a med surg unit about 3 ...
  3. 12 hr night nurses-how many recovery days?

    I worked 2-12hour nights for about 5 years, honestly I was always tired, I never really felt like "myself" when I worked nights. Even on my days off, I would be up most of the night and tired all day but I had several coworkers who have done nights f...
  4. Returning to med-surg

    I worked med surg for about 10 years, left about 10 years ago and just started a new PRN job in med surg at a local hospital about 1 week ago. I was nervous at first because I have been out of bedside nursing for so long. Im starting to get a feel fo...
  5. side job/second job?

    I worked full-time ER and Med/surg for a long time and was totally burned out. Why don't you try some type of telephone nursing job? that's what I did. I work fulltime, 8-5, mon-fri doing telephone triage where the only contact I have with patients ...
  6. transitioning from acute setting to ambulatory

    As a nurse who worked bedside nursing for about 10 years, ambulatory nursing is definitely my niche. No call lights going off, no bedpans, no incontinence care, I don't have to worry if I'll get the pt who is on the call light all day and best of all...
  7. Burned out on telephone triage

    I did telephone triage for about 1 1/2 years for neurology. It is a very demanding job and you are so right about the caller getting upset with the messenger. Ive been cursed out more times than I care to mention over pain meds mostly. I dealt mostl...
  8. Working on weekends!

    Unfortunately being a new nurse, weekends are more than likely going to be required on all hospital units. Maybe you could look into ambulatory care or doctors office.
  9. Opoid crisis and providing hospice care

    I did hospice for 8 years and left about 2 years ago for a office nursing job. I had no problem obtaining medication for my patients. The opiod crisis was awful when I left hospice. We had addicts taking care of their dying loved ones and some even s...