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advicenurse1 has 20 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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  1. advicenurse1

    New to HH: traditional vs Hospice

    I did hospice for about 10 years and its a challenging job. I tried home health for just a short period of time but the pay method is less stable than hospice so I only did it for a few months so i'll comment on hospice pros and cons. Pros- No call lights, no 12 hour shifts, you work alone so no dealing with lazy, messy coworkers, flexible schedule, good pay, you go into patients homes so no "holiday Inn" mentality, Cons-frequent oncall (at my agency I did oncall about 3 times a month and you may have to go out at 2-3 am to see a patient), alot of nasty, roach infested houses, tons of charting, extensive driving (I drove 60-70 miles some days and had to use my own car, alot of drug seeking (mainly from family members caring for the terminally ill patient) I personally would never go back to the hospital. My worse day in hospice is better than my best day when I worked in the hospital.
  2. advicenurse1

    Help a Stressed New Med-Surg Nurse

    I worked bedside nursing for 10 years. I left about 11 years ago due to burnout. During my break from bedside nursing, I did hospice and am currently doing telephone triage for the past 2 years. I just took a PRN position on a med surg unit about 3 weeks ago. Im still in "orientation" and have done 2 shifts so far, I try to remember what I did to survive for 10 years previously and I think organization is going to be key. As soon as I get report, I go make rounds, find out what they need prior to getting started with meds or assessments. Generally I have found if you do that at the beginning, it gives you more time to get things together. I only plan to work 2-3 days a month so as not to burn out again. I can honestly say I'm glad to be back on the floor and back in the "real" nursing world.
  3. advicenurse1

    12 hr night nurses-how many recovery days?

    I worked 2-12hour nights for about 5 years, honestly I was always tired, I never really felt like "myself" when I worked nights. Even on my days off, I would be up most of the night and tired all day but I had several coworkers who have done nights for 10 plus years and say they would never work another shift. It was just not for me.
  4. advicenurse1

    Opoid crisis and providing hospice care

    I did hospice for 8 years and left about 2 years ago for a office nursing job. I had no problem obtaining medication for my patients. The opiod crisis was awful when I left hospice. We had addicts taking care of their dying loved ones and some even stealing the patients narcotics. I have had all kinds of reasons why the morphine was gone before refill time( cat jumped on counter and knocked the bottle over and all pills went down drain-true story). My physician would refill in a reasonable timeframe but not too soon. I do believe that the pharmacy is bound by laws where they cannot refill narcotics if its too soon. A lot of this is out of the doctors hands.

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