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  1. (Backstory) Hi there, I graduated from college 5 years ago with a Bachelor of Arts, after grad I went to massage school and am a LMT. At this stage in my life, hind sight is 20/20...I strongly would like to go back to school for nursing. I currently have a 15 month old and stay home with him full time while my husband works long hours. He is supportive of me going back to school and utilizing childcare full time should I want to do an accelerated BSN program. The problem is, we can afford childcare so we would be utilizing student loans to pay for that as well. (Question) As someone who already has a bachelors degree, would it be silly to pursue a community college ADN program knowing it would be less intensive, and maybe would allow me to have a break if needed should we decide to have another baby? I really would like to do the ABSN to quickly get it done, but with having such a young child I worry about spending so much time at school and missing out on evenings due to a commute and homework. Most programs are 9-5, and it would be about 1 hour drive for me in both directions. ADN/RN less desirable? My ultimate goal is to become a CNM but I'm okay with that being far away from now, I just really would like to work 2-3 days a week while having young kids at home, and then going full time after they're old enough to be in school. any help or advice is appreciated.