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  1. My intent with the article was to write something light-hearted to address my annoyances with burdensome tasks in the workday. But thanks for reading my article and I hope you are having a great day!
  2. So true! I guess in my perfect world, there would be no downtime or computer glitches 🙂
  3. The nursing profession has to learn to work smarter and create innovative technology to decrease time-consuming, burdensome tasks. The increasingly hectic pace of stress and workload decreases professional nurse satisfaction. Also, the entry into nur...
  4. April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month

    What a wonderful article. My Dad passed after a 5 year battle with Parkinson's, it is a horrible disease. I so love that your Mum is knitting 🙂
  5. "You know you already passed, right? You can stop studying..."
  6. 'About A Nurse' Caption Contest #1 | Nurses Month

    "Good morning, Doc! The ativan order mind renewing?"
  7. Yikes! I've Been Stuck!

    You never forget your first (and hopefully last) needle stick...
  8. Yikes! I've Been Stuck!

    I was wrapping up all the loose ends of the day as my shift was winding down. I always like to present my reports about assigned patients to the oncoming nurse, like a package with a bow on top. On this particular day, I had a patient return to the ...
  9. Accessing work email at home

    Hi All! Currently, our system does not allow bedside nurses to have home/remote access to email. If a nurse is in Shared Governance, they can be approved, but not other nurses. Would you mind answering a few questions? Do you have access to work ...