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  1. hopelessromantic

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi! Thanks for reaching out and offering to answer questions. There's so much I want to know. For starters, how writing intensive is the program, in in terms of classes on policies and the culminating thesis? Do you know how similar/different the regular AGPCNP track is from the AGPCNP-OEHN?
  2. hopelessromantic

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN Fall 2019

    Thanks so much for answering! I tried to PM you, but found out I couldn't until I hit a certain amount of posts. Did you ever confirm with any staff/faculty about the apps' sameness? It's really confusing how they gave such conflicting information. (Personally, I think the apps being exactly the same makes much less sense than only needing one or two additional supplementary materials.)
  3. hopelessromantic

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN Fall 2019

    I also interview Thurs at 5:30. Hope to meet y'all! Does anyone know who the ELMSN FNP program chair is? And they didn't say anything about a written portion......