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  1. medteleER

    need advice, telemetry and ER

    Thanks in advance for reading. Just wondering if this is a good idea. I’ve made some posts regarding transferring to the emergency room, but my educator said it is necessary I spend some time on the telemetry unit prior. I am a med/surg nurse with 5 years under my belt. The nursing supervisor said I DO NOT have to do this and recommend I request to be floated there (telemetry) while I stay in med/surg. And I believe she also said, I could even request to be floated to the emergency overflow, occasionally (if I had all the certifications) So…. Should I transfer to the telemetry unit and stay for 6 months (policy) before going into the ER? If there isn't a position, it might take longer than 6 months. Or... do what my supervisor says about this floating to telemetry and ED overflow? I only feel like I can jump straight into the ER because they do hire new graduates. But I also want to be completely prepared (tele experience) before I do.
  2. medteleER

    telemetry before ER?

    she is the educator for the ENTIRE hospital. there are a number of them, but they are not department specific. my ACLS is expired. i need to renew. and i can take a basic dysrhythmia course whenever. somebody in the ER told me she started out as a new grad there. i'm not sure what "telemetry unit skills" i would need in the emergency room that i cannot learn on the fly... that is why i'm asking here. if it is necessary to work on a telemetry unit before hand. worse case scenario, i will do a year on the tele unit and then transfer.
  3. medteleER

    telemetry before ER?

    been a med/surg nurse for about 5 years. i wanted to get into my critical care (ER) department. my nurse educator told me it would be necessary to get some telemetry experience before i transition. i'm not sure if that is just hospital specific because i know new graduates jump right in there. n i work at a level 3 facility. i want to be as prepared as possible, so i wouldn't mind... but i am hating the floor, right now.
  4. medteleER

    after med surg ...

    Not sure if this is going to make any sense, but the ICU is where I (being a med/surg nurse) transfers/transferred all of my patients requiring a higher level of care...other than the telemetry. Sometimes, I want to be the receiving end of that. Personal growth.
  5. medteleER

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    not a new grad, but helpful thread for me possibly transitioning to the ER
  6. medteleER

    after med surg ...

    well, i been a medical/surgical nurse for about 5 years now... looking for a change. my volunteer experience in the emergency room brought me into the nursing field, so i want to spend the rest of my years there... or maybe the ICU. but moreso the ER. what do i do next? move to the telemetry unit? go straight into ER? what classes do i/should i take? i'm not too great with IV starts. the place is a level 3 trauma. any advice is appreciated. thanks all~!