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  1. Also, just curious what everyone is planning on doing for housing? I'm coming from out of state
  2. I'm having trouble finding it, do you mind posting the link?
  3. Have you heard anything yet? I have my interview at the end of the week
  4. llrr9

    Belmont University ABSN Fall 2019

    I was just accepted as well! Still waiting to hear back from some other schools though
  5. llrr9


    My interview is the 23 as well
  6. Congratulations!! Can I ask when you submitted your application?
  7. Hello, I didn't see a thread started for the second degree nursing program for Wagner College for fall 2019. Has anyone else applied for this cohort?
  8. llrr9

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Thank you so much! You probably don't know but have any idea what the acceptance rate for the ABSN program is? Or how many people are in your cohort?
  9. And you applied through NursingCAS? When I called in January they said they would open the app February 1 and that's when it appeared for me. I submitted it about a week ago, hoping I hear back soon but congratulations!
  10. llrr9

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    Did you submit your letters of recommendation directly to NYU or through the Common App?
  11. Was the fall application open before February 1? I just submitted my application for fall because I only saw summer 2019 open before that
  12. I will be applying for fall! Do you know when the application opens?
  13. Also do you know who I can contact regarding prereqs? I'm wondering if my PHIL 2 Intro to Ethics fulfills the ethics requirement
  14. llrr9

    NYU ABSN fall 2019

    3 letters
  15. Do you mind me asking which prerequisites are in progress? One of mine will be A & P II when I apply, not sure if that has a big effect.