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  1. IDK if they do, I'm from North America. I'm confused at your advice though because in one post you said "drop the chip off your shoulder and don't underestimate people" but in the next you said that I do need to learn to small talk differently s...
  2. I mean, yeah, it is 😕
  3. I never said I didn't like small talk, just that my version might involve sharing fun facts, which many people appreciate but those who don't like it *hate* it. I've never had any issues with patients and I went into nursing because the patients I vo...
  4. This was just advice I picked up from tiktok and a couple of threads on here about how to get along with preceptors and/or nursing profs. As soon as I implemented my interactions with my current preceptor got WAY better so it clearly worked 🙃
  5. @nursetassie Thank you so much! If I could bother you with another question, when a preceptor and/or staff you're shadowing ask you something like "what did you think of..." what are they asking? Like what kind of thoughts are they looking for? ...
  6. I noticed that I struggle a lot with making and maintaining a good impression with some clinical instructors and preceptors. So far, my best clinical instructor has been one that suspects she might have autism, and our personalities and communication...
  7. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    Congrats!!! I'm seeing a lot of research people here!
  8. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    Awesome! Thanks!! I was asking because I have some scars on one arm so I'm more comfortable with covering it up in front of people until I get to know them ? I find the long-sleeved tops from the AIRism line at uniqlo are great, even in hotter weathe...
  9. NP Wikipedia Article

    Additionally to what has already been mentioned, the NP page is extremely skewed towards the NP role & education/licensing in the US. Anyone can edit Wikipedia and it is generally self-correcting, in the sense that when someone inserts some sort ...
  10. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    For those currently at UofT, what is the dress code policy for clinicals? I would like to know if we are permitted to wear long-sleeved tops under our scrubs or a jacket over to cover the arms. I wasn't able to find an answer on their website. Thank ...
  11. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    I got an email just this morning that I got in to UofT!!! I'm so, so happy! I was worried because my GPA was only 3.7/4 and I had a B- in my statistics prerequisite :S I was also concerned about how they would react to the fact that I took a reduced...
  12. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    If you used the internal application I was told they receive it automatically and not to bother sending a transcript in. However, if you are taking their continuing education course as a prerequisite, then you do need to send the transcript from that...
  13. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    Thanks haha, I also considered putting that one down.
  14. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    Thank you! Out of curiosity, what was your second choice?
  15. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    I put Psychology as a second choice so that I had an option if I didn't get in to nursing right away (nursing is still my end goal). When I applied to my first undergrad though you were allowed a third choice as some schools and they only considered ...