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    Lost Item

    Hi, First time posting here. While I was shadowing a nurse at a potential employer, I lost an item that was of sentimental value to me. I had been hesitant to take this item anywhere out of my house because I feared losing it. It had ventured with me on outings but I never let it leave my car. Well on this particular day, I took it with me, not really thinking anything about it and then a few days later I realized that I hadn't seen it. That's when I had this sinking realization that I had just lost it. Sure enough, I haven't been able to find it. It mysteriously vanished, no one turned it in to security, cleaning staff does not remember seeing it, the nurse with whom I was shadowing also, did not see it. In short, it's gone and I feel terrible. I shouldn't have ever taken it outside but I did and I cannot replace it. I tend to be a bit superstitious sometimes so I'm wondering if this is a bad omen. I've since been offered the position and accepted it but I can't get it out of my mind that I will have this negative experience associated with this new job. This particular organization seems so genuinely caring that it's hard to imagine anyone there would see it and throw it away or worse steal it. It has my name visibly printed on the side and you can pretty much deduce that the item belongs to a healthcare provider. Another thing that happened is that my start date has been pushed back since the recruiter let me know that the hiring manager has not secured a preceptor. This is another bad sign in my book. I was really excited about starting this job but losing this item has cast a gray cloud that I cannot get rid of. Thoughts? Thanks.