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    Frequent Flyers

    Hi All! This is my first semester of school nursing after being bedside for 2 years. I am starting in the middle of the school year so I'm playing catch-up and trying to figure out all of the stuff the previous nurse left. With that being said, I feel as if she welcomed the frequent flyers, which is a problem to me. I have found that a few students come in every day, with stomachaches or headaches, but no temps and seem absolutely fine. The same few students come in during lunch as a big group, where one student will ask for lotion or a salt water gargle. As I ask the group of girls to wait outside for the one student who requests the gargle, the rest of the group will all the sudden say they have stomachaches or headaches, when they did not need anything when I asked previously. I cannot have a crowd of students malingering in my small office every day. How do you cut the habits and reduce the frequent flyers? Thank you!