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  1. Bojanadjor

    Msjc spring 2020

    I believe I had 3.6 overall if they counted my B in Psychology since LVN-RN program calculates the psych into GPA . otherwise all my science classes made a 4.0 . As long as you had the required minimum for the TEAS ( I believe a 62%?) and your overall is 90 points you are likely to get in! I guess it just depends how many people applied this round . Fingers crossed though!
  2. Bojanadjor

    Msjc spring 2020

    thats great! I think you will get in with that score! my TEAS score was 90%. But I think they mostly look at your overall points on the point system, unless maybe there are tied scores then they may look into GPA or TEAS score
  3. Bojanadjor

    Msjc spring 2020

    I applied to the LVN-RN as well! I believe my points were around 85 total. What were your points?
  4. Bojanadjor


    Please let me know if you have any info on the LVN-RN at MSJC ! I am looking to apply

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