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  1. LDots

    UTA BSN & AO BSN - Fall 2019

    @TXNurse97 Nice! I applied for online. UTA is the only school I applied to also. There's that faq video somewhere on their website that addresses how many seats are available. I was listening to it while I was waiting in the advising office recently. I think it said 160ish, but I don't know if I'm remembering that correctly.
  2. LDots

    UTA BSN & AO BSN - Fall 2019

    How did your final go? :)
  3. LDots

    TEAS VI Prep 92.7% :D

    I took the TEAS VI yesterday and I got a 92.7%! So pleased!! 91.5% Reading 96.9% Math 87.2% Science 100.0% English Language. It helped that I just finished taking A&P I and II. I also have an English degree. I think this book is a very good resource for preparing for the test. I thought that the practice tests in this book were the most accurate reflection of the level of difficulty on the actual exam. It's the McGraw-Hill 5 Practice TEAS exams. http://a.co/d/euhpY0Q I also studied with the ATI book, but when I took the science portions, I only made as high as 68%. While it's still a valuable resource, I thought that the actual exam was easier than the ATI practice exams. Just wanted to share for others that are still preparing!
  4. LDots

    UTA BSN & AO BSN - Fall 2019

    I'm applying too for Fall 2019. :) I was doing great with science GPA until I got a B in chemistry this semester. :/ So I'm applying with a 3.83 overall and a 3.75 science. 2 considerations. Seeing applicant statistics from other posts makes me feel less confident!
  5. LDots

    UTA BSN & AO BSN - Fall 2019

    They changed this. You have to have all four natural sciences to be able to apply now.