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  1. DreamNptobe

    NP program accreditation dilemma

    Hi, I am writing to seek advice on what to do in my situation. I am currently enrolled in a MSN-fnp program that does not have any accreditation yet and will be part of its first graduating class. They are beginning the process of applying for acen accreditation. I am halfway through and wondering if I should move on. The first two semesters went by but with poor communication with the school and occasionally lack of professor for the class. However, the school itself has acen accreditation for its other nursing programs, state, and CHEA approval. The leaders and professors all have their dnps and phds from well respected universities. My question is if I should continue or is the risk not worth it and to apply for an accredited program which may take an additional year to complete (assuming my credits dont transfer)? How difficult is it to get acen accreditation for fnp program?
  2. DreamNptobe

    MedLife Institute

    I am a graduate of ichs. I think it is a good school, the RN program is solid. It can be tough with distance learning and traveling to FL to complete clinical requirements but it is an accelerated program, and it is worth it in the end!! All the best in your journey!
  3. DreamNptobe

    Help! I Want a Management Position

    Hi I am hoping for some career advice. I have been a nurse at a group home for a year now and mostly do case management and administrative duties. However, I was offered an position as a nurse educator/infection control specialist at a nursing home. I am wondering if I should take the new position for a change, would it be considered an advancement in my career? The pay is comparable. Thanks!