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  1. Hello! Did anyone get accept to UTRGV's Mental health NP program for the Summer of 2019? Or has anyone graduated from this program? I would appreciate any info! thanks! Kristen
  2. NPKristen

    UTRGV Mental Heatlh NP program??

    Hello! is there anyone here that got accepted to UTRGV mental health NP program for the summer 19'? I am a family nurse practitioner that is currently not working full time because jobs are so hard to find in Houston, but I am going back to obtain my post Masters Certificate in Mental Health so I just wanted to see if anyone here applied for the summer and got accepted. Kristen
  3. NPKristen

    Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    Hello! I am currently a family nurse practitioner that is interested in applying for my post masters certificate in mental health. I am having some difficulty formulating a goal statement and I was wondering if someone could help me with this or possible give me an example of one. I have written a rough draft and I am open to sharing mine as well. The application did not specify the amount of words to have in the statement so I jut started writing it. any help would be appreciated!