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  1. Wounds4Life

    All three certs necessary?

    I was curious about this as well. I have been working part time wound care since Jan 2017 and with a WCC since Feb 2018. I now realize I want my WOCN. I believe I will do ostomy first and when my WCC expires I will do the wound portion. How is the program at Emory?
  2. Wounds4Life

    looking for ostomy & continence preceptors

    I am having the same trouble in Northern California. I've asked several contacts at my hospital, emailed persons listed on WOCN and did have a few return emails but were unable to help. This just makes me want my ostomy cert even more! I was going to go through the WebWOC program too but wanted to find a preceptor prior to spending the money. Good Luck to you.
  3. Wounds4Life

    WOCN Experiential Pathway

    Hello everyone! Curious about those who have certified for their WOCN through experience. Did you log hours that you worked in wound care or did you have a specific time log with details of wounds/treatment/education provided to the patient. I recently was WCC certified and trying currently to find a preceptor in Northern California for the ostomy portion after the education route, but would like to cert by experience for wounds when my WCC expires in 4 years. Any input regarding what was accepted for a log of clinical hours would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.