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  1. Florida IPN saga continues

    So DSC, so you're an IPN contract already? Are you trying to fight it now? What are they accusing you of? Best of luck, we are here for you!
  2. Florida IPN saga continues

    That's amazing! Best of luck to you! Fingers crossed that's the last of your BS. I literally quit nursing and am doing real estate. Much better market and way less stress! ??
  3. Florida IPN saga continues

    congratulations!! I hope your license is clear and active as soon as possible, the DOH is beyond slow, especially to reverse a wrong! I’m guessing doing anesthesia with that user name ??? I hope you sue the crap out of them all, such a money-grubbing...
  4. Florida IPN saga continues

    Who did your other IME? So hard to find one to do one unless IPN pays them. They are all so scared of IPN and getting kicked out of the program. Such BS!
  5. Florida IPN saga continues

    That’s amazing LMA! Did they take your IME? Or did you go to their person and also get cleared? Congratulations! It’s so hard to get out of their clutches once you are on their radar. Best of luck with your career moving forward! Now to sue them all ...
  6. Florida IPN saga continues

    Good luck LMA! It took my savings but it was worth it. At least I think so. But now working through this Covid BS, I may switch careers ?
  7. Florida BON

    Just an update. My case got dismissed. After a year of worry, my lawyer got my case dismissed. If you’re license has a possible complaint and you’re looking at monitoring, open up a new credit card and GET a lawyer!! Chapman Group is excellent. I wi...
  8. NP and Credentialing

    Look at the credentialing questions carefully. Some ask if you've ever had formal discipline, some ask if you've ever been investigated. Sounds like you're in the clear either way since there's no paper trail at the BON which is where they'd enquire ...
  9. Florida IPN saga continues

    Hi @mamuchi7 well my lawyer and I self reported to the BON, NOT IPN. There’s a huge difference in Florida. I then got an IPN evaluation on my own, which is hard to do. I googled IPN evaluators to find people because IPN doesn’t disclose their list u...
  10. Medical Review office

    I believe they just take notes of what was said. In most states they have to tell you if you're being recorded.
  11. To the OP- you wonder why this forum seems to be “the BON is out to get us”. This crap is why. The BON is not there for nurses, it’s to protect the public. Most BON push all discipline to the monitoring programs that have no oversight and have all th...
  12. I worked with a provider who did IPN evaluations. Let's just say he got out of it because of the corruption. He wanted to help patients and prescribed them things he thought would help. IPN tracks the % of people sent to a provider, and if they sugge...
  13. New Nurse/IPN

    I'm in the same boat now. I'm looking at IPN as this terrible thing, but if you want to be a nurse, this is a hoop (or many) that you will jump through.
  14. IPN Neuropsych Eval

    @sheracraft Can you give a hint on your IPN evaluator in Gainesville? I'd message you but I don't have enough posts.
  15. IPN contract received...now to find a job!

    This post gives me hope! thank you!