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  1. Yes! My name is Patricia but I go by Trisha! I did register. Are you in the LVN as well? It took me awhile to register I had to contact the admissions by email. I can give you the email if you need it! What’s your name? Is it Melanie? I’m kinda nervous for the orientation.
  2. Yeah I did! Lol I think her name is Ann Cowel! I’ll try emailing her again! She may have to give me an add code. Thanks for your help?
  3. Yadsvn, Thank you! & congrats to you too! I hope I can get into the LVN-RN after. I was attempting to do my LVN at Gurnick but it’s way to much money! I believe the tuition at Mission is cheaper! I did apply to spring, Fall, and summer at Mission. It’s only spring I’m having trouble with. I’m going to give it another day. I keep calling the admissions office leaving messages & I am scared I’m annoying them. Lol
  4. Oh my orientation is May 10 but they told me in my acceptance letter I have to enroll in orientation! However, it’s not allowing me to enroll for Spring Thats great news because I just left the program I am in to go to Mission!
  5. Did you do the LVN program at mission? I just got into the LVN at Mission & was hoping when I finish I can do RN! Did you have to sign up for orientation?
  6. Triishha24

    Help! Gurnick or Mission College LVN?

    Thank you for the response ! That’s weird that they are doing that! I would be so upset. I did decide on Mission College, however I’m still in the prerequisite. Do you know if I drop the prereq if the F will follow me to other schools?
  7. Thank you! I’m trying to enroll in the orientation! It’s a course called HOC020. Did anyone else who was accepted to LVN have a hard time enrolling in the orientation course? It says I’m not eligible to enroll for spring!
  8. Triishha24

    Help! Gurnick or Mission College LVN?

    I need advice! I’m currently enrolled in the LVN program at Gurnick Academy (for profit) School. I’m still in the prereq course. I just received my acceptance letter for the LVN program at Mission Community College in Santa Clara. I don’t know what to do!!! Should I leave the program I’m in at Gurnick even though I’ve made friends & the teacher is amazing.. or should I stay at Gurnick! It’s cheaper to go to Mission College. Mission also has an LVN-RN after! I just feel feel so guilty starting a program & then having to tell them I’m leaving. Thank you!
  9. I don’t know much about their LVN. Do you know how much it costs? I’m going to go talk to them.
  10. No I didn’t what about you?
  11. I did physiology, anatomy, micro, biology, chemistry, statistics, medical term, psychology, and human development... I’m not sure I forgot what I put on the application! What about you? Did you receive an acceptance. I’m currently in an lvn program at Gurnick.. idk if I should switch. Do you know if we have to take the TEAS in the beginning? I can’t find much on the program.
  12. Did anyone apply to only the LVN? I got my acceptance to the LVN & had some questions. Thank you

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