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  1. Millafurtado

    Hopkinsville CC

    I already took the class. I just have to get certified because I didn't pass the practical portion of the test. You MAY be able to get the test done but certain locations have long waiting periods. But if you're ok with driving a little further you may be able to find a location with test dates before December. Do you know if we have to be certified in Kentucky or just be certified anywhere?
  2. Millafurtado

    Hopkinsville CC

    I figured they’d say something like that! I think I’m just gonna take it again since I have enough time until October. Better than taking a risk! Are you applying for spring too?
  3. Millafurtado

    Hopkinsville CC

    Hey! I'm looking into applying soon for the spring 2020 semester and was just curious how the program is? Also if they mostly just take the PAX RN score into consideration and not GPA. What was everyones scores when they applied and how did you study for the PAX?