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  1. lavidaesbella

    Peg Tube Feeding

    I forgot to mention I only gave the patient maybe 1000 ml of feed and water in my shift but the next shift the patient had more than 2000 ml of residual. My question is why didnt I get any residual and the next day she had more than what was administered?
  2. lavidaesbella

    Peg Tube Feeding

    Has anyone ever had a patient with a peg tube feeding that had no residual during one shift and the next shift they had a lot of residual? I had a patient with peg. I checked residual in the morning, lunch time, supper time, always before administering feed and medications. There were about 20 ml of residual in the beginning of shift and none after that for the remainder of the shift. During the night she was having high residuals, so feeding was held. Next shift patient had large amounts of residual. I'm talking 2000 and higher. How can that happen?