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    Non-Clinical RN to NP

    Hello everyone, Just looking for feedback. I have been a nurse for over 18 years but left the bedside about 10 years ago. I work in a non traditional nursing role and make over 100,000k/yr. I left the bedside because I couldn't take the politics or hours of nursing. I am now currently considering going back to get my PMHNP. There is really no more room for advancement in my current role. I have been considering going back for my NP for many years but been on the fence. I live in the northeast where the market is ok. I have worked in psych but many years ago. The cost of the program will be about 50k, I am in my 30s. Money is a factor but not all of it and I also do enjoy psych. I was also considering social work, counseling, and being a psychologist. However, I believe the PMHNP has the best ROI. I know everyone is on the NP bandwagon but to me it will eventually balance out. When I was LPN people told me why go back to RN school it is just a couple of dollars more, then the pay gap widened and opportunities decreased for LPNs. Then those same people were now wishing they had gotten there RN. Then when I got my RN there were no jobs as the market was flooded and just the year before my RN friends were getting jobs in any specialty but then eventually jobs returned. Do you think I am being naive about becoming a NP is it worth for me at this stage in my career?