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  1. Rose and wuzzie- you guys are absolutely right. That would be a miserable monthly payment...thank you!
  2. Thanks for your response. I technically could...but it will take me far longer to finish and have that bsn...I’d really like to go on to NP too.
  3. Hello, I have found a program that’s willing to accept some credits from a previous school (most places won’t accept them-but that’s another story). You are required to finish their prerequisites then apply for nursing portion of the progeam...so it’s not guaranteed. I’d be spending $85k on tuition. I’m 34 years old without a career after years of being a stay at home mom. Now I’m a single mom. Other option...was thinking to spend about 10-15k on getting my bachelors degree then applying for accelerated bsn through cheaper schools or applying for physician assistant schools (not nearly as many and harder to get accepted....). Any advice would be wonderful and greatly appreciated. Thanks, NH

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