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  1. nhayes1984

    Anyone else having doubts?

    Hi! I am right there with you. I recently finished Chemistry online before this whole covid thing and I passed with a C. I KNOW I would have gotten a better grade in person. I am currently taking A&P 2 and am only 2 weeks in but I am STRUGGLIN...
  2. nhayes1984

    Least stressful nursing job at a hospital?

    Maybe in plastic surgery? I’m not in the field yet but that seems like lower stress levels. I could be wrong.
  3. nhayes1984

    WGU Prelicensure BSN program?

    Hello everyone, Im doing some research on different nursing school options for myself at the moment and have been looking into WGU’s Prelicensure BSN. If anyone has attended this program or knows about it please let me know. I am very interested bc y...
  4. Wow. So many responses and so much advice thank you so much guys I really and truest appreciate it!! I am searching for cheaper routes for sure.
  5. Rose and wuzzie- you guys are absolutely right. That would be a miserable monthly payment🤦🏻‍♀️...thank you! 😆
  6. Thanks for your response. I technically could...but it will take me far longer to finish and have that bsn...I’d really like to go on to NP too.
  7. Hello, I have found a program that’s willing to accept some credits from a previous school (most places won’t accept them-but that’s another story). You are required to finish their prerequisites then apply for nursing portion of the progeam...s...
  8. Hello, I have been looking into nursing for some time and have found out allot of information but am confused now lol. I would love to obtain my BSN and have a few classes from my previous school that would transfer in for the BSN program but I am he...