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  1. Vcastaldo

    New Grad RN California

    Hi all! I just recently took the boards a week ago and have been searching for my first RN job. I am moving out of state to California and am not too familiar with the hospital systems in the Southern region. I was curious as to if anyone could provide me with any information on some hospital systems that would be good to apply to as a new grad. I understand it is difficult but any help you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Vcastaldo

    Pearson Vue Trick 2019 in California and Breeze Answers

    Please keep me updated on whether or not your score is updated. I take my exam Wednesday and really hoping it doesn't take 2-4 weeks for the results to be posted >_<
  3. Vcastaldo

    License by examination

    Hi! i am currently attending nursing school in Florida. I graduate at the end of November but I will be moving to California. I have a few questions for anyone that could please help me. I am aware that if certain educational requirements aren't met than the state of California has you complete them before you are able to sit for the exam. I was wondering if anyone had this issue or new someone who had a similar issue. I was trying to avoid paying 2 fees one for examination and one for endorsement but I don't want anything to further to limit the time it takes for my application to be processed and for me to sit for it. If anyone can help that'd be amazing!