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    ADVICE. New grad L&D Nurse

    Im so sorry you're going through this. I can definitely relate. Im a new grad as well on L&D and my orientation schedule was exactly like yours. Except I oriented on postpartum for 1 month and L&D for 2. I did not feel ready at all. I communicated this with my nurse manager and my preceptor about a dozen times and my NM promised she'd work with me and give me extra time since it "was not fair that my fellow orientees got 3 months in L&D vs. my 2." However she fell short on her promise and rushed me off of orientation. I've been off of orientation for 1 month and things have not gotten any better. The night team is very supportive but I still feel like I'm sinking. I considered leaving before orientation was over and had already began my search for a different position but I was pulled so quickly that I didn't get the chance to find something new. I, like you, do NOT feel like a safe nurse at all and idk if its normal to feel like that as a new grad. I dont mean to discourage you in any way, hopefully your NM is more patient than mine. But only you will know how ready/prepared you are by the end of your orientation.
  2. So Im a new nurse working on L&D and about 1 month off of my two month orientation. I had a patient who was transferred from the antepartum unit due to placenta previa with active bleeding. When I got report I felt like a chicken with its head cut off, I was trying so hard not to panic. Prior to going to the OR a type and cross was sent and a requisition was sent down to the OR to have 2 units of blood on hold for the patient. This was around 4 am. Shortly after the Dr asked to have the blood be on the unit just in case. I called out to the front desk and communicated this to the charge RN. A nurse came to the OR and said the blood would take 30 minutes (at this point the baby was out) but then no one came back to drop the blood to the OR. Soon after the Dr said she no longer needs the blood. When we came out of the OR I told the pacu nurse (who happened to be charge RN) that the blood wasn't needed. When I returned to work the next day nurse after nurse came up to me telling me I left blood in the OR and the blood wasn't sent back down until 5pm the next day. It was so embarrassing and I felt so bad that the blood had to be wasted. However, during the procedure no one came to the OR to hand me the blood, or say that it was in the room (I assumed it never came up) Now, theres an investigation over my head to figure out what exactly happened and I was told by my manager that I could get written up or worse; fired. I know blood is considered a medication and that the nurse is responsible for following through but I'm so nervous and disappointed that one of my first mistakes was such a big one and I'm afraid I wont be able to come back from this. Is there anyone who've had a situation like this but it worked out for you?