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  1. Hi California nurses/anyone, I am currently a nursing student in Washington, I will be graduating in August 2021. I am still a CA resident and planning going back to CA to be a nurse. I am trying to see if anyone knows if its better to take...
  2. UW ABSN 2020

    Hey just got postbacc admissions decision today, I am going to accept their offer. However, I hope that with those decisions being out that it brings some movement and clarity for the waitlist. Sending you the best! If there is anyone that doesn’...
  3. UW ABSN 2020

    Sorry any confusion, to clarify my previous comment: I contacted admissions to see when they would be releasing UW admissions decisions for postbacc applicants for the accepted students for the absn program. They were hoping to get decisions out by t...
  4. UW ABSN 2020

    I emailed an admissions person they said they are hoping to get an absn decisions out by the end of this week for people who have been accepted. I am not sure how or if it relates to the WL. best of luck!
  5. UW ABSN 2020

    Does anyone know from previous years when we find out out about official admissions for ABSN student? I know they say May and June, I guess it’s just so vague LOL. Getting A little antsy!
  6. UW ABSN 2020 Link Above is for the UW ABSN 2020-2021 cohort facebook group. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
  7. UW ABSN 2020

    @dtsunrise93 I have not seen a UW ABSN facebook group yet, only for 2019-2020 cohort I saw. I jus made one cause I noticed that there wasn't one made yet. I hope that is OK? Here is the link if anyone wants to join and chat about the upcoming cohort...
  8. UW ABSN 2020

    Hey, Does anyone know the exact date we are suppose to find out about UW Admissions? I’m coming from the Bay Area and have been trying to make plans on when/where to move this Summer. Makes me feel uneasy we haven’t just been admitted yet .Also, does...
  9. UW ABSN 2020

    Sending good vibes to that waitlist for you! ?
  10. UW ABSN 2020

    @kangarooThank you so much for this information! I really appreciate it! See you in the fall!
  11. UW ABSN 2020

    Hi Friends, I am accepted ABSN applicant. I had some big life events happen which prevented me from turning in my postbacc on time, however, I was able to get an extension (UW has been super accommodating btw). I just recently turned in my applicati...
  12. UCSF MEPN 2020

    My piece advice is to BREATH, be calm and chill for this couple days. Yes, it is easier said then done. I get it, I was a nervous wreck on Wednesday. But I made sure to get some good sleep, eat, and drink water. This all seems pretty obvious but I wa...
  13. UCSF MEPN 2020

    My community was not from my speciality (CNM/WHNP). Mine was an FNP so just be prepared that they might not be from your speciality. Best of luck everything, you'll do great. Breath, seriously, breath.
  14. UCSF MEPN 2020

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I cried reading the post tbh. It means so much hope to do the same for those applying next year.
  15. UCSF MEPN 2020

    @lamberd Thank you so much for this information, seriously helps so much. I hope everyone has a restful holiday season. Blessings!