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    CU Denver Spring 2019 Cohort

    I just wanted to have some closure for this topic. I was invited to interview day (Jan 14th - Morning session). I feel my interview went very positively, as my group was super uplifting and very thoughtful; we had one born leader which really helped set a productive atmosphere. Took until Feb. 15th when I was told I was wait-listed. Was so bummed because this was the only school I wanted to apply for, as everything else didn't really fit my niche. Had to decide what my next step was as far as education, as this is my first bachelors degree. March 14th-ish rolls along, and I get call saying that they want to take me off of wait for a spot in the program! Instant accept, was thrilled beyond belief. Had to do a bunch of clinical compliance (HIPPA, OSHA, vaccines, AHA-BLS, etc. etc.) for when that rolls around, and here we are. Started reading / prepping, and will probably end up taking a SIMCLEX or two before the summer. We were told roughly 1000 people applied, 500 were invited to interview day, and 120 were accepted into the program. That's a 12% acceptance rate, which makes Anschutz as competitive as Cal.Tech, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, and Vanderbilt! Crazy! CONGRATS to anyone who made it into the program as well! I am stoked to meet all of you. To those that didn't, look at my OP for what qualified me for wait list - obviously this discounts interview day and essay.

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