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  1. lumbarpain56

    LTC staffing

    There was always a short staffing problem where I worked. DON used to do the Floor at times when I first started to work at one LTCF. then she retired...and I never saw any of the new DONS(which we had many after the first one)took the floor. CNAS quit, fired or just never showed up... some long in the tooth CNAS stayed and duked it out. Most always...if a Nurse called in any management nurse, Care planner, ADON, or Nursing Educator would come in . I always had coverage.....but sometimes it was very hard to get those management nurses to come in even though they were supposed to.They would try their darnest to get you to stay.
  2. lumbarpain56

    Does the shot mess with your DNA?

    Working in LTC as an RN for over 35 years I never got the flu shot....I know people who did. had some reactions and recovered. I am not a fan of introducing any virus into my system if I were already exposed to it...and working with homeless at a shelter who were exposed and had it, I ,Praise the Lord never got sick. and there are many who have great immune systems that get it and fight it off. I feel your DNA and taking good care of yourself, enjoy life as best you can and allviate stress and take proper precautions as we always did around sick people has worked well. Yes...some have succumbed to diseases and flus....which we as nurses fight to keep the population and friends/family members free from these maladies. All we can do is the best thing we know how and are taught. But I truly feel that viruses amongst many other things in life can be deadly I don't condone locking up people in their homes...preventing free movement among the population, closing businesses,and schools and many other things...this may sound cruel...but only the strong survive in this world and we are there to help those that are weak to be strong again . We are not lab rats to be locked up in cages(our homes) and tested on whenever the government feels like it. All I want right now is for people and civilization to return to somewhat normalcy ,because this fuels more diseases, mental and physical for people right now. My opinion thats all.
  3. lumbarpain56

    How long is a typical LTC orientation?

    My orientation was about 3 days....in most of the nursing homes I worked in over the 35 years I have been working as a LTC RN...it was very tough. But you do get through it. I priortized my patients and always wanted a good report which was very hard to find in my time. Very frustrating due to the high turnover of Nurses and other staff.. I made sure I ran through the patients charts briefly as soon as I got in.......and researching their historys, labs, complaints, family questions,new orders, etc...which actually took time but it kept me very up to date on the Ifs , ands or buts if someone to ask me what was going on at the time with my patients.I found this method to be very efficient and helpful, but it takes time at the start of your shift....my nurse manager always wondered why I did this..but when I was asked any questions about my patient...I had the answer and wasnt standing there holding my keesta..........although there were surprises along the way which is understandable...nursing notesI found to be useless...many times I have found that the patient was complaining during the day and not one sentence was written about it..so its imperative you get to KNOW your patients when you have a few minutes too between going crazy.. through my years....I have found out if you learn to know who your repetitive bell ringers are and the chronic complainers..and get them out of the way first or know what they needed before hand...it frees up alot of running time and unnecessary stress...develop a strategy for yourself and what is most effective and easier for you. You NEED that energy and you have to make sure you don't burn yourself out. Knowing patients who tend to be very independent and have fall precautions are a biggee too...because lifting them can hurt you for a long time if they arent watched and preached to excessively. Good luck and I hope I helped you in same form or fashion!!
  4. Staff retention is key..having people who do their work without being told what to do every single moment of the shiftwithout lame excuses... Having competent staff who aren't AFRAID of doing something themselves if possible without getting someone else to come in to do it. Housekeeping and cleaning is ESSENTIAL every single day which at my facility is non existent. and having Staff who are literal pigs who think the nurses station is a food court to leave their foods and empty soda bottles and such all over the place.. And my personal opinion is not having carpets in nursing homes....we just had them installed....its a germ carrier and is most difficult for staff to push those heavy carts and have patients wheel themselves down the hall......just too much to mention here....sorry to say.
  5. lumbarpain56

    Millions Taking Daily Aspirin Without Doctor's Approval

    think of what was good for you in the past....margarine, smoking was ordered by doctors in the past for nervous tension, Sherry for appetite stimulation, Eggs were BANNED to eat due to cholesterol..now they tell you to eat them, now CBD oil derivative of cannabis(pot)... l(ok..hoping its harmless over time) plastics were better to use...now look at us now with overload....the list is too long …..they used round up for gardens....ugh..dont get me started to whats good for us and whats not....I feel that if a company makes it . people will buy it with the right lies and untruths associated it with , so who do we believe?
  6. lumbarpain56

    Millions Taking Daily Aspirin Without Doctor's Approval

    that's why there are blood tests to determine if the person is vunerable to bleeding or liver/kidney issues before a physician orders any type of medicine....but people who take this without getting check ups and bloodwork...then they shouldn't take it.....but on the other hand...aspirin has been around for centuries....
  7. lumbarpain56

    LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    Literally I am done with LTC...for over 30 years things have only gotten worse...I live in NOVA...Nothern Virginia....and transplanted from my Homestate of NJ, been here 6 years...gave the nursing home time to work their problems out...including going through 4 DONs and losing numerous nurse and CNAS since I have been there....its disorganized and very stressful..........its been a nightmare here...the worse Nursing home I ever worked in in my entire life.....they expect too much and don't pay, and staffing is hurting badly.
  8. lumbarpain56

    Nursing: The Most Trusted Profession

    I am also shocked for in LTC it seems people are more prone to sue and threaten( families and patients combined) must be for certain specialities in nursing. Because I cant even trust the nurses I work with for a good report at my place. With short staffing and all the aides I cant even trust to do adequate work and then hear chronic complaints from my patients and family members.
  9. lumbarpain56

    How do I know what is required for me when it comes to state

    I always worked evenings...for the most part...State surveyors came and just asked questions pertaining to proper protocol to certain things like what to do when there is patient abuse or a patient hit another patient.....I think it was because at the time patients in my facility were notorious for hurting each other. .. Review your policy and procedure book...on a good nite. Hippa guidelines...patient call bells with prompt answering, meds/treatment, and know your medication RIGHT list....right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, right route and right documentation.
  10. lumbarpain56

    Should Hospitals Set Workloads for Nurses?

    And what about Nursing homes where in Virginia where there is NO set patient load and keep bringing them in...Tube feedings , some Ivs, wounds, severe dementia....this is why I dislike my job so much for years.
  11. lumbarpain56

    Feeling lack of respect

    I never FELT valued in a nursing home job after 35 years.....and I am an RN....got smashed into the ground over and over again worked my tail off went over and beyond...forget about it.......time to move on.
  12. lumbarpain56

    An Open Letter to Senator Walsh

    Maybe she had nurse Ratchet while she was in a hospital one time and then she condemns them all....but her comments are disrespectful, and downright disturbing. one day this woman will find herself in a hospital bed again and when she rings that call bell for something she is concerned about...............guess who will come to her rescue.
  13. Being a LTC RN most of my days...I have found that nurses have found other areas of work due to the high stress and increase in the amount of patients that they load on you. Our staff is dwindling..........most quit due to the stress and intense physical and mental demands on the job. And I feel LTC shouldn't be a high level stress job.....elderly need a routine established and my place doesn't seem to care. Only profit and beds being filled all the time I work in a for profit place which the ADON or DON seems to never come to the floors to see the actual happenings going on . I have many physical problems now due to extensive lifting , pulling and doing Aide work most times and I am not a spring chicken anymore.. . My facility just wants the money...and they keep hiring nurses and Aides only to see them leave due to the workload and stress and computer work is outrageous!!!!. I have been there for over 5 years...and I cannot stand it anymore. Now with vision loss In one eye..optic nerve damage...I am being wittled down to a mere TO BE in the near future patient soon. I cant have this.. And I cant work with a unit manager who has communication skills that are all one sided as when you give your input and they want it their way or no way. I have been seeing a severe downhill for years.
  14. lumbarpain56

    Most Burned Out Nursing Specialties?

    ha..long term care...anyone out there listening? have seen many nurses with different backgrounds leave due to stress and patient abuse ( and not staff abusing patients either!!)thinking it was a walk in the park....... and incredible workload.with these patients... I hear crickets now.....hello? anyone? ps..don't forget ....we all get old and you cant stop it.
  15. lumbarpain56

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    As a nurse(long term for over 30 years) and if I see a new drug pop up, I am not at all familiar with and I don't know what it does ..signals a red flag to me..I would want to know whats its for and to clarify it thoroughly before administering it....its negligence.
  16. lumbarpain56

    LTC nurses having to do CNA work all day

    My facility is a nightmare. we are shortstaffed all the time. No consistency with care..2 CNAS for almost 55 people is insane to me. Nurses have to do CNA work moreso because they cant get adequate staffing anymore cause the place has a bad reputation. Patients are very demanding, very nasty and very critical. I have done this job for over 35 years and this one place is the bottom of the barrel for sure. Unit manager cares only about what SHE says to you and not your Input, she gets very upset and cuts you right off when you are trying to talk to her about something.....I have gotten too many injuries from HELPING my aides lifting over the years. Its over.!!! I am not getting any younger and nursing homes are all the same to me, I have worked in quite a few, some worse than others...but this current one tops the cake.!!!