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  1. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    thanks TS90 for your reply. Anyway, I suggested to get contacted to CCSF soon, because I remembered someone said you have one chance to pay to do it again if you are diluted negative in the orientation. you may want to contact Debra Mendes Giusto, C...
  2. CCSF Spring 2019 Admissions

    Hi all, I am also a 2019 spring student in ccsf nursing. Did you all finish the background check of the castlebranch? I found that although my background check was done for quite a long time, unlike drug test and clinical requirement, there is no Gre...
  3. local anesthesia and drug test

    Thanks for all those who replied .... I passed with a negative ... as it should be.... :)
  4. local anesthesia and drug test

    thanks everyone. I contacted my dentist, he said the drug used is lidocaine and it is safe. well, I am paranoid! I got a expansive drug test kit from wallgreen and will test myself tomorrow morning. Do you guys know whether the at home kit is as good...
  5. local anesthesia and drug test

    I am an incoming nursing student and was asked to do a drug test this coming Friday to be admitted to the RN program. however, I am very nervous because I did two dental deep cleaning last week and the week before last week. The dentist applied local...