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  1. US RN moving to London UK

    Hello all! I am in the process of transferring my license to work as an RN in the UK. I am looking for any studying advice for the NMC CBT and/or the OSCE. Any one have experience with these exams? Preparation they used? Tips/advice? Anything is appr...
  2. NMC - CBT

    Hi Morgan, I am also in the initial stages of studying for the CBT and wondering if by now you have any advice that helped you or any recommendations? Any info is appreciated. Thanks! Randi
  3. U.S. RN BSN moving to UK

    Hi all, I am currently an ICU RN in the U.S. and will be moving to UK in July 2019. Anyone have any experience with the transfer process (timing, cost, exam difficulty, pros/cons, sponsorship for work visa, etc.?) Wondering if it will be worth my tim...
  4. Admission advice

    Unusual situation, any advice is appreciated in advance! I will have 1 year of ICU experience in August 2019. At that time, I will be moving to London, UK for 1 year until July 2020 but would like to go to CRNA school once I return. I'm debating on w...