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  1. I graduated nursing school Summer 2018, but suffered a second trimester miscarriage and death of a family member shortly after (the same day I thought I’d might add). I decided to take the NCLEX anyway for the date I had already planned and of course failed at 265 questions. I decided to take time to grieve and studied with a tutor the entire time. I finally passed with 75 questions in February and landed my first job recently. I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby like a day or two after passing boards. I decided to not disclose my pregnancy to my employer because of what happened last time. I was going to tell my manager at 20 weeks since my pregnancy was going well. Well I ended up having dilation and funneling of my cervix at 18 weeks, so I had to have an emergency cerclage. I was officially diagnosed with incompetent cervix. I had no other choice than to tell my manager due to my sudden hospitalization. At this point, my husband told me to quit and stay on bedrest. I am due in the fall so that would be about a year and 7 months since I graduated before I can really work. My question is how much would this affect me in the long run? I’m afraid of struggling to find another job. I’m thinking of working on my BSN online during this time just so I’m not losing knowledge. I still want to keep my brain in nursing mode.