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  1. NJohnson38

    Kaplan Entrance Exam

    Hello! The Kaplan book really didn’t help me at all! I have found a lot of helpful videos from YouTube. Just search Kaplan videos and that should work. Hope this helps out and good luck!
  2. Hello! That sounds like a good plan. I’ve never taken the HESI but I’ve heard it’s very similar to the Kaplan exam. Wish you the very best!
  3. Good morning! I take the Kaplan entrance exam on Friday and it is similar to the HESI Exam. It consists of math, reading, science, and writing. I will be using the websites like you mentioned to get help on the reading sections. Reading isn't my strongest subject when it comes to the comprehension part. Thanks for the helpful tips!
  4. NJohnson38

    Kaplan Entrance Exam

    Hello! Yes they are both similar but the scoring is different. Both have sections on math, reading, science, and writing. I take my test next Friday and I am so ready! Hope this helps!

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