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  1. my personal start up cost so far was about $300.
  2. Nurselady19, I am halfway through the process. Waiting to hear back from the state. I too, have a patient lined up. I have called their insurance, gave them all the info and was told all I need is to "link up" to the insurance, or sign up, something along those lines. I have signed up for a FREE course the insurance is offering for small business owners regarding billing. Apparently you can do it straight on their website, without the hoops of a scrub agency. You basically send them a bill, submit online and you find out within minutes if you have errors, or if the bill was accepted. I don't know more than that. I will know more in January. But I feel confident I can do this. I already have a patient contract. Last step will be have the physician sign the POT and I am good to go. I am praying it works out. The potential for doubling my income is right around the corner loooool. I will not hire anyone other than myself for now.
  3. JuliaLPN-RN

    Can't get work

    I agree with the above post, have a friend call and pretend to be a potential employer...Find out what exactly it is that they will say about you. Have you tried applying at home health agencies? The pay is lower, but they are always DESPERATE for nurses. Don't give up.
  4. My fellow nurses, please help me out. I am an RN with experience in home health and private duty nursing. I am looking to become independent, I already found a patient who has regular insurance. I know it's a hassle to get Medicaid Certified, so I will wait a little on that. For now, I have my LLC set up, I have my NPI and EIN numbers, and my business registration with South Carolina is pending, as is my home office permit. They said I need one, even if all the services are at the patient's home...... I will have everything lined up in about 2 weeks. So I am ready to get started, I have my patient contract drafted and the family will sign it with no issue. HERE is where I am stopped. How do I go about billing the insurance and HOW MUCH do I bill the insurance? Their website mentions a letter of necessity and a treatment plan. What else do I need? The patient is already approved for a certain number of hours of PDN per week, all I am doing is adding my services within those hours, independent from other providers. I know that every 60 days I need an update treatment plan signed by the MD (by the way, I have signed orders already, and I have professional liability for my LLC)..... but to get to that point of actually billing I need to get started somewhere.....Advice ???? Pretty please :) if you have started as Independent Private Duty Nurse, all and any advice would be so so welcomed.