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    First Year Nursing Depression.

    Thanks for writing this post.. My 23yr old son is looking to enrol in nursing course 2019 it's the gravity of the ongoing work load I am concerned about as he has a connective tissue disorder. If you were my daughter (I'm not a nurse or qualified to counsel) I would say to you. "Yes medical nursing is continuous and physically demanding. But maybe it's like Boot camp and at the end of 18mths you are better qualified to apply for new jobs that are more on your terms, e.g, temping where you do short stints of 4 weeks etc if you wanted and then be n/a for a couple of weeks. Or take a community type job, or a cruisy job in a Day Spa 9-5. When you take the new job you'll be super fit from working on the ward and do great in a lifestyle friendly role. (Too many young woman give their best years to career expectations tbh). Thanks and hope life got better :)