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  1. Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Hey, congrats on your acceptance! I personally did not have a part-time job while going through with the program, but I had friends who did and they completed the program at the same time as me. So it is 100% manageable! I would say to really just ma...
  2. RPN Bridging to Uni - Centennial/Ryerson

    This my situation, I applied to the full-time program for Sept 2020 and was offered the alternate for Jan 2021, but I know other people who applied for the same program as myself but was offered the flex this Sept 2020 so its unfair
  3. Conestoga Bridging RN 2020 Sept

    Thank you! I accepted my offer to Centennial, as Conestoga is kinda far for me to commute to and so I applied to it as just one of my backups ?
  4. Conestoga Bridging RN 2020 Sept

    Hey I received an offer from them today, so hopefully, you hear from them soon as they are now actively sending out offers again ?
  5. GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    Hi guys, I got my offer from GBC on the Feb 1. I wrote my casper on Jan 14. Hopefully, you all hear back soon and just hang in there! Good luck to everyone! ?
  6. Hi guys, I'm thinking about confirming an offer with Centennial College's bridging program and wanted to ask if there are any current or former nursing students who took the program and can share a sample timetable they had from semester 1 and 2 or j...
  7. Centennial college Rpn to rn bridging Sept 2020

    Hi, I applied around early January of this year (Applied for the full-time and hybrid program). I'm not too sure if they are very particular with sending out an offer if your GPA is a little lower than a 3.0. But if you call admissions, they may be a...
  8. Centennial college Rpn to rn bridging Sept 2020

    I got an offer just this past Friday! Thank you for letting me know that you emailed it directly to the admissions officer, as he updated my profile and sent me an offer directly right after responding to my email!
  9. Centennial college Rpn to rn bridging Sept 2020

    Oh i see, thank you! I did that as well and even mailed it to ontario colleges but my app still says its missing on mycentennial. Hopefully they see it soon. Thanks for the reply and congrats on your acceptance! ?
  10. Centennial college Rpn to rn bridging Sept 2020

    Hi, just wanted to ask, did you send your cno proof of registration to centennial directly or through mail to ontario colleges?
  11. Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Hi guys, I just wanted to ask since a lot of schools are asking for "Proof of current registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario as a Registered Practical Nurse, Entitled to Practice with No Restrictions", what document do schools consider as...
  12. Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    Hey linzipinzi, I'm sorry that this has happened to you, but you shouldn't give up. I used the Mosby's Comprehensive Review for the Canadian PN Exam and I found it to be very helpful and similar to the exam questions of the exam and help me pass on t...
  13. CPNRE November- December 2019

    I would practice lots of questions daily, it can range from 50-100. Then what I found to be very helpful and key is taking the time to review the questions you got wrong and understanding the rationale behind those answers. Then when it comes to revi...
  14. Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    The school overall is good, the main building is fairly old and has not had any renovations, but the nursing lab room has been renovated and is very up to date with new equipment and high-quality simulation mannequin. The library has been cleaned and...
  15. Sheridan College RPN Sample Weekly Timetable??

    Hi Kimjas Espina, I'm a recent new graduate of the program. When I started my first semester, I was in school 5 days a week (M-F), you can try and re-arrange your classes if it works with your schedule so that you can have a day off. Your classes va...