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  1. Fabiolaslopez

    New grads hired in hospitals?

    Yes I applied as soon as my contract was over in the beginning of August. And I was speaking with the recruiter and she made me feel I did have a chance to be hired but on a differently floor since the floor I volunteer at did not hire new grads. So I had only been in contact with the recruitment coordinator and applied to every CNA position open at the hosp. And was denied from to positions and she stated she passed my resume to the last floor and was waiting for a response and I followed up two weeks later on the status of my application and never received a call back so I took it as they denied me because I still have not received any contact back. And I do know they are desperate but I guess not as much as I thought...
  2. Fabiolaslopez

    New grads hired in hospitals?

    Good Morning Everyone, I would like to know how to get hired at a hospital. I'd love anyone's feedback and advice who has been hired. So I greatly appreciate it! I am currently applying for a nursing program but I have just graduated from CNA school in January 2018 and now would love to get hired at a hospital to obtain more knowledge. I have been on a waiting list to volunteer prior to CNA school for two years at my local hospital. And started volunteering while going to school didn't really have much free time but it was worth it to be in a hospital setting and volunteering alone helped me in CNA school. I now have finished my 1 year contract with the hospital, and have tried to become an employee but they stated I would have to apply like an outside candidate. I was first told when I volunteered that if I applied after my contact they would treat me like an internal candidate since I already knew the ins and out of the hospital. Well that process has been over 3 months ago. And I am now trying to look elsewhere since I don't believe they will keep me in mind for hiring. My question is since I am a new CNA grad do hospitals take new grads?? And does my volunteering experience at a hospital help me with getting hired at one? Or should I get experience in a snf and first? Thank you thank you in advance for all the help!