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  1. Valley Health Fall 2020 New Grad Nurse Residency

    Absolutely! I will say I am just speaking from experience in my department and other departments may vary. But Valley does seem to pride itself on how they treat people so chances are you'll land in a good crowd. Best of luck!
  2. Valley Health Fall 2020 New Grad Nurse Residency

    Hey, sorry I'm not gonna be much help with cover letters 😕 I was never good at writing them and don't believe I ever submitted one to Valley. I did write some for other hospitals, but I never heard back from those so I'm really not sure how effective...
  3. Valley Health Fall 2020 New Grad Nurse Residency

    Hey there, my interview process was a little different than usual due to Covid, although I'm not sure they're still following this same format. All I was required to do was send in a video of myself answering a few questions and then it was followed ...
  4. Accelerated nursing program

    I went to Rutgers - New Brunswick. Tuition was about $38k for in-state.
  5. Accelerated nursing program

    I got in on my first try with a 3.48!
  6. Book Recommendations

    Great, thank you! Would you recommend any specific CEN resources? Or just any?
  7. Book Recommendations

    Hi there, would anyone have any book suggestions for a new grad starting in the ED? I've heard of Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care, but the last edition came out in 2012(?) so I assume the content is outdated now. I'm looking for something content h...
  8. Taking Vacations

    Thank you! And yes, paid annual leave = paid time off (PTO). I was just asking how people go about using their PTO (how often, how long, etc.). We get a certain number of days/hrs accrued with our hrs worked, although it caps off at a maximum, and ar...
  9. Taking Vacations

    Yes! Thank you for adding to this thread. It's good to hear you have a positive experience.
  10. Taking Vacations

    Seems there are some mixed experiences! All have been very informative, thank you. And yes! I have thought about travel nursing, but I hear I need about 2 years of experience before I can do that, so that'll have to wait.
  11. Taking Vacations

    Oh okay so just to clarify, that would be taking 6 shifts off/using 72 hours of PTO? Did I do that right? And if that's the case, you would still have PTO left over if let's say you accrue 5 weeks of PTO/year? So you could actually take off for more ...
  12. Just took the NCLEX, what are the odds I passed in 60?

    I think you did well! You're really more likely to pass in 60 than fail in 60. Plus, don't feel bad that you felt 50/50 on majority of questions. The NCLEX is designed to do exactly that. It will keep throwing questions at you that it thinks you have...
  13. Taking Vacations

    Thanks everyone for the replies! I appreciate it. Gives me a better idea of what to expect not just from my employer, but if I were to go elsewhere, what it's generally like in the profession. OuxPhys, would you mind elaborating on how you we...
  14. Taking Vacations

    Damn that's tough 😩 thanks for the honest response though. Now (being in between school and my new job, I have 3 months of freedom) would be the perfect time to get my dream vacation in, but unfortunately given the circumstances, looks like my dream ...
  15. Taking Vacations

    Yes, I am in the US! Thank you for this! I figured it wouldn't be so clear cut, and I'll just have to see when I get there. I was hoping to hear differently, but regardless this helps paint a better of picture of what it may be like.