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  1. ERschoolRN

    Are we done yet???

    lol...that's still a thing, huh? teenage boys are not the smartest are they? Good luck with the rest of your day! I've had a couple incident reports today myself.
  2. ERschoolRN

    Break Plans?

    Christmas at home in AR. My mom is coming 12/25-1/5 to visit. I'm going on my 1st trip to Vegas 12/26-12/29 with my boyfriend and then back to work 1/7.
  3. ERschoolRN

    Are we done yet???

    yes! Hope everyone has a great break!
  4. ERschoolRN

    Are we done yet???

    I told mom that I would call his teacher and remind him before lunch...the trick is the days i'm tied up like yesterday and dont see that it's past time until it's past! I call for every other check. I just think going to lunch should be a reminder in and of itself. Haha
  5. ERschoolRN

    Are we done yet???

    Break starts in 3 1/2 hours thank goodness! Yesterday was insane (pukers, a kid that stuck a bead waaayyy in her ear, plus the usual meds and stuff). I have a new diabetic who was just diagnosed. Of course learning curve for everyone. This was his first week back at school. Student forgot to come to check his BG before he started eating his lunch. I called the cafeteria and got the student sent to me. I checked him and he was 110 and so i calculated his insulin based on carbs he was eating and we dosed him on that. He only gets correction with meals for >150. The kid is still learning when to come and I was busy and didnt have a chance to call and remind him that time. (3rd grade) So mom calls me this morning to ask how i possibly dosed his insulin when he told her i did not check his blood sugar before he ate. Sigh. I told her i dosed him based on his carb count for his meal and that he didn't need a correction dose since his sugar was below 150. She was satisfied with that. But man I'm hoping this doesnt' turn into a thing. I'm already nervous having a newly diagnosed diabetic cuz it's all new for me at he everyday school level! (i have another diabetic but she's been doing it for 8 years and does it all more or less herself with my guidance) I can't wait for break!
  6. ERschoolRN

    Ugh...what would you have done?

    lol thank you! I needed to hear that i did the right thing. It's hard having no sounding board sometimes!
  7. ERschoolRN

    Elementary nurses - teacher referral?

    I have been having similar things. I don't mind seeing any kid but most of them go back to class. I don't get much push back. I think it's just the time of the year they're all worried they will get sick! I wish I had an email the parents option! For me it's phone calls or notes home and i try to only do it when it needs to be addressed with parents. Every bump, scrape and sore throat does not get a call.
  8. ERschoolRN

    Ugh...what would you have done?

    So I had a kindergartner sent down that supposedly threw up at recess. He didnt speak much to me but his friend said he ate a lot of lunch and then threw up. No fever. Drank a cup of water and kept it down, etc. I sent him back to class. Lunch followed by recess just seems like bad news. So teacher calls and says he's acting sick and so i said i would call mom because she knew him better than i did.Mom says she can't come and doesnt' know when she can. So kid is in my office, eats a popsicle, drinks more water, is now running circles around me and getting into everything in site and telling me nothing hurts. He feels fine. No more vomit. No fever. I spoke to AP who said i could send him back. Called teacher and asked if she felt ok with him coming back otherwise i'd start pursuing other means (Ie sending an office to their hourse). She got very huffy and told me if they throw up the policy is they have to go home. And i told her i thought it was likely just from eating and running as he was not acting sick at all. So she says he has never done that and was acting sick in class and if i send him back and he acts sick shell send him back to me because "I can't afford to get sick over winter break!" Umm neither can i.... Anyway i let AP know she was not happy with me and she told me it was fine and not to worry about it. But I am new to the school so of course i do worry about it. And added now that mom just called to say she is coming to get him...
  9. ERschoolRN

    Sensitive topic--Pertussis

    I totally agree. Oddly I haven't heard much since getting the all clear with my son and have no quetions from parents....maybe they really did direct questions to the health dept like the note said!
  10. ERschoolRN

    Help Please!

    1. I would say the hardest thing is the lack of comraderie. You don't have a "team" and coming from ER I was used to that. I am confident in my own assessments but I miss a sounding board which is why i have started hanging around here. ;-) 2. Some days are crazy and some are slower. I give scheduled meds, i have a diabetic i monitor closely, deal with all the sickness and boo boos of course. Some of it is total nonsense and some is legit. I didn't know how much id deal with head lice or pee pee pants but i'm in elementary and that's just how it goes.am also responsible for keeping up with immunizations, hearing and vision screenings and more that i havent even realized yet...it's my 1st year. I I took a $12,000 pay cut to take this position but i was changing my living situation to where this was doable. Hourly I make more than I did but of course with the time off it works out to smaller salary. 3. I wish i had known how lonely it would be some time but it is totally worth it for the time off with my kids. 4. It's hard to tell you what to do. I was an ER nurse working nights and I LOVED it and loved my coworkers but I got divorced and it just wasn't working for me with my kids. I then took an office job , supposed 9-5, no weekends, no holidays etc. It was an oral surgeon's office and i loved it actually and i loved my work and i was good at it. However, the hours started increasing more and more and more and more responisbility without extra pay. I was working 50+ hours a week and felt like i never saw my kids. This was over the summer and i felt terrible. So enter school nursing. Found a position and took the jump. I enjoyed my other jobs more on a day to day not going to lie about it. BUT I love that my boys come to school with me, i'm home by 4 everyday and can't wait for all the breaks off! I made my decision based on being a single mom and wanting to be there for my kids. I am learning to like this job more and more and learning ways to keep busy. I would say it's been worth it for me but it is a transition being the only medical person in the building.
  11. ERschoolRN

    Vomit Emergency

    Our district policy is that a grown up has to witness said vomiting to be a reason to go home. Everyone loves that. Haha. If no one has witnessed I always PO challenge. If no fever and they hold water down (and don't look pale and sick) they go back to class. Once or twice it's bitten me in the butt and they come back throwing up later but most of the time not.
  12. ERschoolRN

    24 hour vomit rule

    yuck! We work through the 21st as well but not back until Jan 7th...we have an inservice education day the 7th and kids come back the 8th
  13. ERschoolRN

    Sensitive topic--Pertussis

    And drum roll please....his test was NEGATIVE On the ironic side his sister is home this week with cough and high fever. It's always something. Haha
  14. ERschoolRN

    Sensitive topic--Pertussis

    Thanks! That sounds way more organized than what i've gone through this week. I think the biggest issue was the doctor who is in charge at DoH was out on monday when the info came through. I guess it could be worse. So far I haven't heard of any more kids being out but i guess time will tell! My son and one of the siblings of the positive student were tested on tuesday so i imagine we won't hear until early next week.
  15. ERschoolRN

    Sensitive topic--Pertussis

    thankfully i have no unvaxed or exemption kids. that made it easier. But they are only telling me to report "severe cough" at this point which my child did not fall into the category.