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  1. Where can these module summaries be found? Thank you for your insight!
  2. Hello! I recently began the AORN Perioperative 101 program and am looking for advice on what I should focus on for the final exam. So there's 4 main resources I've been given: AORN modules; AORN videos; and 2 textbooks (Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery & AORN Guidelines). I've read from older threads to focus on the summaries at the end of the modules. However, I believe those are obsolete since they haven't appeared at the end of my modules so far. I'm hoping someone who has recently completed this program can shed some light on this matter. Also, is the final exam still 115 questions? Any insight is greatly appreciated - thank you!
  3. N urse

    Recent Periop 101 exam

    I'm also wondering the same thing as the OP. Insight from nurses who have recently taken taken the AORN Periop 101 Final Exam would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. N urse

    Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

    Thank you for all of this insightful info DeLynn. I dislike discussions very much so this format seems wonderful. What was required for the Nursing Capstone (final course)? Research papers? Powerpoints? And, if so, how extensive were the "assessments"/assignments for it? Thank you so much!!

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